Emergency Prayer Request!

This week, we received a distressed call from one of our Church 7 members who lives in Iran.  Her 32-year-old son, Amir, has been in prison for the past two years after being caught with a truckload of Bibles.  On Wednesday, an execution date was set for Tuesday, August 12 for his crimes against Islam and the government.persecution-1

Understandably, she is very upset.  Her only request is for prayers of deliverance for her son.

We are asking you to do two things:

  • Pray
    • Pray for Amir and his family. Pray for deliverance from this death sentence for Amir and for his frightened and grieving family. Pray for his jailers, his judge and his fellow inmates to encounter the love of Christ and receive Him as their personal Savior. Pray for the countless other brothers and sisters, like Amir, who are suffering persecution for their faith in Christ in Iran and around the world right now.
  • Call others to pray
    • Share this story and prayer request with your friends and social media networks.

This is a time when we can take action and beseech the Lord together on behalf of a brother in desperate need. It is the only request this family has made and is by far the most significant and powerful thing we can do to help them.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Prayer Request!

  1. I have read your prayer request for Amir. I will be praying for him everyday. Praying for His release from prison Praying for the piece that passes all understanding for him and his family.

    Tina Simpson

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