Persians Love Americans

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ImageMy friend, who recently traveled to Iran and took the photo of the empty mosque in my previous post, was also blown away by the overwhelming warm reception he received from the people of Iran.  Even though I told him to expect the people he would meet to be intrigued by an American visiting Iran, he was not prepared for the welcome he received in every city he toured.

In fact, he told me, “I have never been high-fived or hugged so much in my life just for being an American than I was in Iran!”  He was invited to people’s homes, asked for photographs and even told while being embraced by a stranger in a park, “You are my brother.  I am so glad you are here.”

What is portrayed in the media is quite different than the reality of what exists inside the borders of one of the least understood countries in the world.

I want to be clear, however.  The Islamic controlled government  and clergy are indeed extremely dangerous, violent and hateful people who in fact do not love America, Americans or anyone who does not identify themselves with Islam.  This group represents only a fraction of the population.  Unfortunately, it is the only segment we ever see in the West.

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One thought on “Persians Love Americans

  1. These blogs are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them. Although the people of Iran are good people, as are the people of many countries, there is nothing for them to envy about the U.S. Where once we were a source of goodness and light in this world, we are increasingly a source of great darkness and ugliness. Where once we stood up for freedom, we now bow to dictators and despots. And where people are fighting to be truly free — not to impose sharia or Islamic law (the Arab ‘Spring’) — we look the other way. That’s why for the U.S. to survive, many of us believe we MUST have national revival. Nothing else will do. Our problems are too great to be solved by merely smart or moral people.

    Who is responsible for our problems? We shouldn’t blame this political party or that one. Democrats or Republicans are not to blame. The people are the problem. The people of this once great nation aren’t just walking away from God, they’re running away as fast as their feet will take them. This can only lead to calamity.

    Please pray for this nation. We serve a prayer hearing and a prayer answering God. A wonder working God. A God who does not slumber nor sleep. If we who follow Jesus Christ will once more be salt and light in this nation, God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins and heal our land. He has done so in the past to many nations — including this one — and stands ready to do so again. But are we willing to hear His voice and follow His will?

    2 Chronicles 7:14

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