Iran’s Mosques are empty!

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Taken During Call to Prayer
An empty mosque taken during a call to prayer

A friend of mine, who was in Iran recently, confirmed what Persians around the world already knew.  During his trip, he visited more than a dozen mosques in several cities over the course of 10 days.  Some of these visits were on one of two Fridays, which is the holy day of Shi’a Islam, when you would expect to find the most people in the mosques.  It is equivalent to Sunday mornings in America.

With the call to prayer sounding over the speakers throughout the cities, my friend witnessed a TOTAL of 2 people worshipping in the mosques!  This is a cumulative total over the course of 10 days (2 of which were Fridays), in several cities, while the call to prayer was sounding!

Does this sound like the Iran you have pictured in your mind?

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One thought on “Iran’s Mosques are empty!

  1. I am so grateful to have been able to read these blogs. I have developed a strong desire to learn all I can about the people of the Middle East, but beyond what I hear in the news, etc. God is so loving to us all and being a christian that has so much yet to learn, I have this strong feeling in my heart to love everyone. I know that is what God tells us to do, but your blogs will help me understand the people I want to love and pray for in Iran. It is so exciting to hear of all those you have been able to bring to Christ, and I know there will be so many more! Just wanted to tell you that you, your ministry, and all the people of Iran will be in my prayers. Thanks!

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