Reaching the Children of Iran

One of the things that I treasure most, as I look back on my children’s younger years, is the long list of people who invested in the spiritual foundations of each of them.  My children grew up in the US, enjoying religious freedom and precious fellowship with other believers who sharpened and challenged their walks with Christ.  In Iran, children enjoy zero religious freedom and very little, if any, fellowship with other believers.

As a result, one of our key strategies has been to develop solid, biblical, simple and fun children’s programming that serves as a form of “Sunday School” for our Church 7 programming, which provides church for the 97% of the believers in Iran who have no access to fellowship of any kind, including the underground church.

The video below will give you a glimpse into the “Secret Agent” world of Kidz 7.  A place of discovery, intrigue and intimacy with the Savior, whose love for children can only be described as fierce.

Please join me in praying for the children of Iran, who are the key to transforming Iran into a Christian nation in this generation.

Author: Hormoz Shariat

A servant of Christ – Called to transform Iran & the Middle East with the Gospel. Visit for more.

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