I Am No Longer a Physician, but a Servant

One of the great joys I have is hearing stories of life transformation from people imageinside Iran who watch our programming.  It is such a tangible way for me and my staff to see the Lord’s work through this ministry.

Below, I have copied the testimony from a viewer who wrote an email to our Counseling Center.  I hope you will find it as encouraging as I do.

As always, all names and images have been changed in order to protect the identities of those involved.

Hello to my dear friends,

I do not have enough words to thank dear Pastor Hormoz and the friends in Shabakeh 7 (our satellite network in Iran) who have freed me from total ignorance.

I am an anesthesiologist specialist in Iran. In my heart, I believe in Jesus Christ, yet of course I have much to learn as a disciple.  I always thought that being a physician made me the most needed person in the lives of the people around me.

However, watching your program one day, I learned about the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.  What struck me most, was his humility, which I clearly did not have.

I was ashamed of myself.  Compared to Christ, I am nothing.  My qualifications as a physician mean nothing without Him. I thank you for making that clear to me.

Today I am not a physician, but a servant.



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