Conversation with Joel C. Rosenberg

I recently had the privilege of sitting down in our studio with my dear friend, Joel Rosenberg.  You may know Joel through his many NY Times bestselling books, his educational and charitable organization, The Joshua Fund, or his blog ( and Twitter account (@joelcrosenberg), both of which I follow and strongly recommend you do as well.

I know Joel as passionate Follower of Jesus Christ, whose heart for the Gospel to be proclaimed and embraced in the Middle East, even in Iran, is unmatched and genuine.

During his visit, Joel and I sat down and had a wonderful conversation about the Middle East and specifically his thoughts related to Iran in the Scriptures and the unique role the Lord has in store for this dangerous, beautiful and spiritually open country.

Author: Hormoz Shariat

A servant of Christ – Called to transform Iran & the Middle East with the Gospel. Visit for more.

12 thoughts on “Conversation with Joel C. Rosenberg”

  1. I am very grateful to have Hormoz Shariat in the same category as our beloved Billy Graham…….God Bless Mr Shariat and his family and fellow Christians…..God is certainly in charge and is changing hearts all the time……May God Bless us all, and keep us united and courageous and full of His Loving Grace……..Thank you Mr. Shariat and all the wonderful things you do…….Love and prayers, Barbara Taylor

  2. Hello Hormoz,

    My name is Angela, I live in the U. S in Chicago, IL. I received an email from Joel C. to watch this nice interview and all I can say is that I’m overjoyed by The Great news as to what God is doing. I can totally see The Lord’s Glory upon you and that’s a beautiful thing to see….I have been praying for Muslims all around the world that they would all come to know the Truth….That Our Lord Jesus Christ is The Truth, The Light and The Way and that they’d all some day come to believe, worship and serve The Lord just as you are doing and is a Light in this world :) God is Good! And I will continue to pray for all!! May God Bless you and your ministry always

    Thanks for sharing

    Angela Henderson

  3. I’m amazed a the love of God towards the people of the Middle East, they are so very hungry and the Lord is filling them with the knowledge of His Word, this is awesome because we are living in the last days, and things are wrapping up…

  4. I’m very much impressed with this wonderful interview especially to see how the Holy Spirit is transforming many Iranians & others in the Middle East in accepting our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.
    I pray that God will give me a heart & passion for his people as he has done for these great men of God. Thank you brother Shariat, I’ve marked the above listed fields to be in contact with your ministry to assist in anyway the Holy Spirit leads me. Thank God for this ministry! Amen!

  5. Oh how I love Jesus with all my heart and soul.. I pray everyday Jesus will open the people eyes to see the truth about ISLAM and all other religions .Thank you for what you do for these people in the middle east. I know God will award you for this every person he created is important to him and he loves each person..all you have to is call upon His name! with love from lisa I love all my brother and sisters around this world and will do continue to do so. I love all of you and look forward to being with you in heaven worshiping and praising Jesus..

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