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Dr. Hormoz Shariat in the broadcast television studio

I was born into a Muslim family in Iran and came to the United States after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, where I came to Christ while earning my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering as a graduate student at USC in 1980.

In 1987, I planted a church in San Jose, California. With hundreds of Muslim converts, which remains one of the largest churches of its kind in the United States.

In 2001 I followed the Lord’s leading and founded Iran Alive Ministries, which utilizes Satellite TV to reach the millions of lost and broken people of Iran and the rest of the Middle East.  Today, we broadcast the Gospel 24/7 from our studio in Dallas to Iran and the Middle East, trusting the Lord to use us to transform a nation, which is responding to the Gospel unlike any other time in history.  You can find out more about the ministry by visiting

My passion for Muslims stems, in part, because of the murder of my brother, Hamraz, who was arrested in Iran at the age of 16 on a minor political charge. After two years in jail, he was executed by firing squad. God showed me the best way to respond to this tragedy was to dedicate my life to loving Muslims and sharing the Gospel with as many of them as possible.

I pray that you find this blog to be a blessing, as I seek to serve you by providing inside information about Iran and how it impacts the US that you will not hear on CNN, Fox News or any other outlet.  I will do my best to help you make sense of current events in the Middle East from a Christian and former Muslim perspective.  I will endeavor to help you understand Islam and the reasons behind Muslims actions.

I will do these things through sharing my own experience and current, very real stories and testimonies from Persians who are living inside Iran right now.  You will be encouraged, inspired and surprised by the Iran that you didn’t know existed.

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